Air Aroma Seeking Distributor Agents Worldwide

Air Aroma Seeking Distributor Agents Worldwide

Air Aroma’s goal is to become world’s most famous scent marketing company and brand. Although we are already highly regarded and seen as the international leader in providing scent marketing solutions, fragrances and technologies, we believe in there is room to grow and some markets are still untouched.

Air Aroma prides itself on already having the world’s largest distributor network in the scent marketing industry. With five regional offices (Australia, Japan, The Netherlands, United States and China), supported by local Air Aroma distributors covering over 80 countries we are very excited about the phenomenal opportunity to expand our growing and profitable business into new countries and markets across the globe.

Whilst we will continue to grow in our existing markets and support our current distributors and regional offices, we are also pursuing our goal of expansion. The amount of international interest and queries we receive makes us confidant that we have substantial support in achieving this aim.

What are we looking for in new distributors?

Our current distributors come from a range of different backgrounds and industries and have various personal and professional interests. To ensure success we are looking for corporations or individuals with proven sales experience who can commit to the agreed growth agenda. It is also critical that these parties have the relevant financial capability to successfully fund the venture.

We are looking for those that share an interest in the scenting industry and whose values align with those of Air Aroma. We pride ourselves on our values of Design, Innovation and Nature to ensure we deliver exceptional customer service experiences. This is evident in our passion for high quality product and brand design, our continuous aim for innovation through research & development into new technologies and ensuring we use only the highest quality IFRA compliant aroma fragrances and essential oils that are created 100% exclusively from natural plant extracts. 

Based on our research and market findings combined with the high level of interest we receive every day, we have identified a range of countries, which we believe would be ideal markets for us to grow within.

Where are we currently seeking distributor / agents / resellers?

Sri Lanka
Saudi Arabia
And more…

For more information and any questions please contact Air Aroma through the contact page .