Imagining Places Through Scent

Imagining Places Through Scent

Picture escaping to a place your heart longs for dearly, whether that is a tropical island, a wildflower meadow, or amongst towering trees in the forest. Imagining the sensory delights of this location will likely create a more realistic understanding. Smell can really transport you and make it feel like you are actually in the place of your dreams while in the comfort of your own home.

Maybe an island escape to the salty shorelines is what you crave. With your choice of Air Aroma’s Longboard, Seaside, or Oasis, you can wake up to the fresh salty smell of the sea while soaking in the warm sun light. Imagine walking down the beach with the fresh powdery sand between your toes, feeling it follow the shape of your step and change with the wind. Whether you prefer relaxing on the beach while getting tanned by the sun or swimming into the ocean, let your sense of smell take you there.

If you crave something more adventurous like an excursion deep in the jungle, you can experience the smell with Air Aroma’s Vetiver Rain, Ginger Flower, or Fig Essence. You are now walking headfirst into vine-covered forest and hearing the sounds of tropical birds. Brightly colored flowers protrude from wet bark and gazing upward you see a green canopy. You then imagine inhaling the fresh drops of water from recent rain falls and fall deep into the jungle abyss while listening to a quiet hum of a waterfall in the distance.

Perhaps your ideal place conjures an image of a garden filled with fresh roses, tulips, and daisies. Air Aroma’s scent Tulip can make you believe that you are sitting in a fresh patch of tulips at the height of spring, savoring the qualities of renewal and growth. Zuri flirts with sweet florals of ylang ylang and frangipani, inviting a heady escape. Pomelo Pulp captures the image of low hanging juicy fruit trees and reminds of the sweet natural gift of fruit.

While imagining a walk in the forest, you inhale the fresh smell of pines in the trees with Air Aroma’s Holiday Tree. White Tea Thyme reminds of the subtle herbal whiffs from nearby herb brush, and Cedar Mood captures the deep sophistication of the towering trees and majestic encounters in the woods.

While daydreaming you can be transported to the meadows with scents such as French Lavender, Serene, and Illuminate, imagining the wind blowing easily through your hair and the cool breeze gliding across your face, warm floral essences of Lavender speak softly to you. Make your fantasies a reality with Air Aroma’s fragrances, and let scent transport you.