Holiday Fragrances

Holiday Fragrances

Looking to capture that warm, cozy holiday feeling? Air Aroma offers a range of holiday fragrances for the season, including woody, sweet, and limited-edition fragrances. A holiday fragrance can bring joy and nostalgia to your home or business by creating a pleasant atmosphere and reminding of holiday memories.

Holiday Tree

Our limited-edition Holiday Tree is offered through direct inquiry only and is the quintessential holiday fragrance with notes of pine needle, nutmeg, chestnut, and holly berry. Fresh evergreen notes of pine needle evoke the crisp conifer sparkles of a fresh pine tree in the winter. Herbal, outdoorsy, and cozy, the silver green note instantly reminds of a Christmas Tree or walk in the winter woods. Nutmeg is a warm peppery spice that adds an herbal sweet element, reminiscent of baked goods and eggnog. As roasted chestnuts fill the air, images of warm crackling fires come to mind. Holly berry brings a subtle fruity element with scents of frosted berries, cedar and fir.

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More Holiday Scents

Cinnamon Apple boasts fruity spicy notes of green apple, orange, red apple, cinnamon, and toffee, for a warm, sweet and inviting potpourri-like fragrance that will add a spicy allure to your space.

Cedar Mood is a classically Cedar fragrance, with warm dry notes like cedarwood, pine needles, leather, cypress and rosemary. Rich and warm, this is a sophisticated woody scent.

Iron Bark is a 100% essential oil blend of eucalyptus, ravensara, fennel, cinnamon, and tea tree. It smells beautifully herbal and natural, woody and clean.

Sandalwood Gold is creamy, warm and woody with the prominent note of Sandalwood taking center stage. Leather, fennel, and cardamom provide touches of herbal and sophisticated notes that make this fragrance a top favorite.


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