Hilton Hotel Partners with Air Aroma

Hilton Hotel Partners with Air Aroma

As a global leader in the hospitality industry, Hilton Hotels are seen as modern and forward thinking in their approach to products, amenities and service. It is with this passion that Hilton Hotels worldwide welcomes guests in over 78 countries each day. Hilton Hotels are not only one of the most recognized names in hospitality industry but they were also the first hotel to install televisions in guest rooms. It is therefore no surprise that they also loved the idea of scenting their lobby’s with an ambient fragrance and a few years ago appointed Air Aroma as their fragrance supplier.

Hilton Singapore have recently decided to take the idea of scenting one step further and of course, given the success of the lobby scenting, Air Aroma was approached to assist. A coffee aroma is now strategically used at the entrance to the Coffee Shop in Hilton Hotel Singapore. Not only are Hilton very happy with the coffee fragrance being used they are seeing an increase in the sales for the coffee shop. Recently Hilton staff noticed there is often a queue of customers at the shop waiting to buy coffee and cakes. 

Congratulations the Air Aroma distributor team in Singapore on another successful installation and a great result for our client, Hilton Singapore. 

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