High Vibe Spaces

High Vibe Spaces

As wellness becomes more mainstream and self-care essential to a successful life, the concept of a spa, or space dedicated to relaxation, is becoming as important and abundant as the neighborhood coffee shop. 

In a world that continues to generate more flux and information, many of us are craving a unique experience that helps us stay grounded, focused, and in touch with our truth. Without the distractions of the outside world, distinct spaces designed to do exactly this hold space for the kinds of transformations we seek, and make it accessible on a daily basis. 

In order to create these safe havens for relaxation, every aspect of design and mood is taken into consideration. White walls and natural timber floors may help form the essence of lightness and openness, while a living plant wall can bring new life and greenery into a space. Alternatively, dim candlelight and dark ambient music may bid the sense of weightedness. Red hued curving walls create an atmospheric escape, while large skylights with the sound of subtle bird chirps draw inspiration from nature. Sight, sound, scent, vibrational energy, and possibly touch or taste are all to be considered. Certain spaces will want to exude and arouse a certain feeling, depending on their offerings and vision for their clientele. 

Beyond visual and auditory cues, a favorable way to make this distinction is through scent. Even before a client experiences a spa treatment or class, their first impression of the space is what is usually most memorable. Through the power of scent, an experience is made more positive and impactful, as our sense of smell is directly linked to our limbic system in the brain, which processes memory and emotion. Clients remember the way they feel, and spas and wellness centers are there to create a particular feeling and experience. It’s important that the space not only feels welcoming and inviting, but also complements the other aspects of the wellness sanctuary, to create a consistent, comprehensive experience. When the right atmosphere is created, clients will be drawn to relive that positive experience. 

Founded on the basis of essential oils and aromatherapy almost 20 years ago, Air Aroma designs fragrance blends specifically intended for things like stress reduction and mood enhancement, ideal for spas and wellness centers. Whether the intention is to revive, soothe, or energize, we can work harmoniously with the brand concept to create something truly unique for you.