Fukuoka Gift Show 2011

Fukuoka Gift Show 2011

To demonstrate how a multi-sensory approach can truly make a difference, Air Aroma Japan was proud to be invited by the Australian Consulate General to showcase at Fukuoka Gift Show from 2nd to 4th June 2011 in Kyushu Island.

Air Aroma Japan created a unique space at the Fukuoka Gift Show, rather than simply displaying diffusers to demonstrate how our machines work like at other tradeshows. Japanese flower artist, Chikyu Hanashi of the Hoshino Flower, and candle artist, LICCALOCCA Candles were invited to jointly create an Air Aroma space with our fragrance.

The aim was to create a scented space that helps clients to relate scenting to their own industries or events. As a result, we received interests from hotels, display companies, wedding companies and architects. They all said the display made it easier for them to understand and consider how they could apply scenting to their own circumstances.

Scent is a very powerful tool, which makes people remember special occasions for a long time. We often receive calls from the guests who stayed at the hotels where we scent wanting to purchase the same fragrance. A gentleman who recently called our office said, “Your white tea fragrance reminds me of the cologne I use to wear all the time when I was younger”. His memory is so deeply attached to the particular scent that our product reminded him of this time in his life.

Scent enhances visual expressions, lighting, music and more importantly the experience people create and share in the place. Many hotels, fitness gyms and wedding receptions have introduced our scenting services within Japan. Scenting creates a memorable and special experience for our clients and theirs.