Festival der Düfte

13 October, 2017

Festival der Düfte

Scent Festival will host a truly immersive experience at the Baroque style Wildegg Castle in Switzerland. Nestled amongst gardens, meadows and vineyards the castle was founded during the 13th century by the Habsburg.

In present times, the castle allows visitors to explore the ornately decorated rooms and lush, fragrant rose gardens while learning about the castle’s history from medieval to modern times. As a renowned tourist attraction, the Wildegg Castle is the ultimate venue to experience the exciting olfactory tour “The Festival of Fragrances / Festival der Düfte” creating a portal to the past with the power of scent. “The Festival of Fragrances” will take place between October 17-22, inviting visitors to explore the sights & scents of the castle, seducing them into the fascinating world of fragrance.

Fifteen individual rooms within the castle will be imbued with a unique fragrance creation. A team of international perfumers, aromatherapists and creative teams developed the fragrances for each room to amplify the sensory experience. Heavily inspired by historical and cultural influences, the fragrances will explore the heritage of each room – recalling stories from previous tenants the Effinger family while touching on the evolving political, religious and social norms over the centuries. To protect the integrity of the fragrances and ensure evenly scented surroundings, all scents will be diffused through Air Aroma cold-air diffusion equipment. As the leading scent marketing company Air Aroma’s scent diffusion products preferred by perfumers and fragrance enthusiasts.

Each of the rooms will be immaculately staged with objects from the Museum Aargau for a historically accurate representation of the time. The traditional furnishings in combination with a unique fragrance will transport visitors on a journey to the past. Guests can wander the castle alone or be guided by the perfumer’s themselves for an in-depth understanding about the fragrance creations and story of the castle.