Crown Partners with Air Aroma to Fight Cigarette Smoke Odor

Crown Partners with Air Aroma to Fight Cigarette Smoke Odor

Australia’s most luxurious 5 star Hotel, Crown Towers ensures luxury at every level and selects the Air Aroma’s Aroslim to fight the smell of cigarette’s. Crown Towers, part of the Crown Casino complex, offers an impeccable standard of customer service, attention to detail and opulence however the ghastly smell of their smoking levels was an issue they were desperate to resolve.

Crown Towers has been using and trialing various other scenting systems and methods to try to clear the air of its five smoking floors but until now nothing was of an appropriate standard. Air Aroma’s Aroslim became the perfect solution as it combined both ‘good look’ and efficiency. The Aroslim is an elegant, sophisticated and efficient diffuser, perfectly suited to a place such as Crown. With its black finish, the freestanding unit is also discrete and blends well in the elegant corridors of Crown Towers.

In this instance an Arotec fragrance was used as the odor removal solution. Diffusing Arotec with Air Aroma’s patented cold-air diffusion unit like aroslim means the cigarette odors and smoking smells are naturally broken down without the use of harsh chemicals or irritating solvents. Arotec doesn’t cover up any odors, it breaks them down naturally and neutralizes the air.

Now crown towers guests and staff can enjoy the beautiful fresh and clean air when staying and working in this lavish hotel.

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