Cristal Hotel Uses Air Aroma Fragrances to Impress Guests

Cristal Hotel Uses Air Aroma Fragrances to Impress Guests

Earlier this year, CLEAN Middle East magazine featured Air Aroma in a piece focused around our luxury client Cristal Hotel in Abu Dhabi. CLEAN Middle East is the region’s leading cleaning industry magazine. They interview the hotel’s executive housekeeper, and his responses highlight the importance of fragrance for hotels as a way to enhance their luxury hotel image.

The article also emphasizes how fragrance effects customers perceptions of the hotel and brand. Fragrance is not just important from a luxury brand and marketing perspective, but also now forms the core part of the hotel’s cleaning routine.

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What’s the best way for a hotel to be remembered for? Is it service, tasty food or elegant ambience? In addition to all these, a noteworthy fragrance is one more option for Cristal Hotel in Abu Dhabi. The hotel is a part of premier luxury hospitality company Cristal Group and believes that the signature fragrance is the best way to be associated in the memories of guests.

Clean Middle East spoke to Tushara Rathnayake, Executive Housekeeper at Cristal Hotel, about the product he uses and prefers for impressing guests.

Which hygiene/ cleaning product or equipment do you find most useful in your hotel?

“We at Cristal Hotel use Air Aroma which has been exclusively designed for us as scent diffuser in public areas, Spa and guest corridors.”

Based on your experience with the product, why would you recommend it?

“We believe that pleasurable fragrance helps build good relationship with our customers and we consider it as most powerful sense when it comes to cherishing the memories, places or products. Our satisfied and happier guests remember our Cristal brand and linger longer. When a guest steps into the lobby or rooms and discover a pleasant fragrance that’s her/his part of first impression.

Cristal Hotel uses lemon grass as our signature fragrance. We at Cristal Hotel have been practicing various environmental activities and are more concerned for green products. Dubai-based Indigo company has customised Air Aroma product exclusively for us. Many other upmarket retail stores, show rooms, airlines, etc, also prefer to use fragrance to impress their customers.

All of Air Aroma’s fragrance bottles and cartridges are made of PET and PP which are 100 per cent recyclable and will minimize our contribution to landfills. Air Aroma’s scent diffusers consist mainly of durable aluminium, which is one of the most commonly recycled materials. And it’s the only material that is 100 per cent infinitely recyclable. It’s a 100 per cent natural pure essential oil product as well.

The market leader in the four-star category, Cristal Hotel aims to be another key brand in the hospitality industry. Hence, we need the brand identification to expand our footprint in the region. So, we thought this exclusive and customised fragrance is one major tool to be associated and remembered in the memories of our guests. Cristal Hotel’s recent recognition is being listed amongst the Top-25 in Best Hotels and Best in Service hotels on TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Award 2013. For this award, the examining committee would analyse several factors based on valuable reviews and opinions from travellers around the world, which include guests who have stayed and experienced Cristal hospitality.”

As a house-keeping manager, what challenges do you face regarding the maintenance of cleanliness in the hotel and which is the toughest cleaning task to execute?

“We give top priority to cleanliness and hygiene standards. Smoking and odour control on the floors, lobbies, rooms, toilets, etc. Instead of masking the smoking odour, we try to remove it totally replacing with our own Air Aroma. Coming to the major challenge we face, this is the maintenance of the rooms/corridor carpet with greater number of footfalls. However, with effective cleaning process and trained staff, we keep carpets very clean and hygienic.”

What’s the USP or special feature of this particular product? How does it help in maintaining cleanliness at your hotel?

“Sense of pleasant fragrances and natural air quality forms the core part of cleanliness. The moment, a guest enters the hotel, the fragrance influences the first impression on the hotel.”

Any flip side of using this product?


How would you rate it on a scale of 1 to 10?

“We’re very much satisfied with product as our guests like it a lot. We rate the product at eight on the scale of 1 to 10.”

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