A buyer beware warning

02 November, 2011

A buyer beware warning

Air Aroma is the international leader in providing scent marketing solutions, fragrances and technologies. At Air Aroma we work hard to be innovative and original, providing only the highest quality fragrances and patented technologies to customers. We are committed to research and development and always strive to improve our products.

Founded in 1999, we are the original creators and manufacturer of all Air Aroma branded products. There are unfortunately many counterfeit products currently in circulation on the market and fake Air Aroma representatives attempting to deceive customers.

To avoid consumer confusion we have launched a new section on our website titled Buyer Beware. For more information please visit the Buyer Beware section or contact Air Aroma through the contact page on this website.

Please remember you can always find the list of approved Air Aroma distributors on our Locations page. If they are not listed on the Locations page they are not official Air Aroma distributors.