Bombay Sapphire Sky Pavilion scented by Air Aroma

27 March, 2012

Bombay Sapphire Sky Pavilion scented by Air Aroma

Bombay Sapphire has created an interactive 4D installation which facilitates manipulation of virtual clouds and star constellations inside a pop-up space, using your body. With motion-sensing and projection technology that changes from day to night, people can use their imagination to create individual clouds and constellations and enjoy those created by others.

The idea is too try and create a space for people to relax, imagine or be inspired in the middle of the city. A true sanctuary and countryside feel is achieved with sound, sight, touch and scent. Air Aroma’s scent Arobalance was the perfect solution, as it not only has the scent of fresh grass it also creates a calm and serene atmosphere.

Bombay Sapphire Sky Pavilion Imagination project is a FREE installation, open to the public (adults only).

When is it on?
Melbourne City Square - March 30th - April 1st between 12-8pm
Brisbane Cultural Forecourt South Bank - April 12th – April 15th between 12-8pm