America Airlines Features Air Aroma

America Airlines Features Air Aroma

America Airlines In-flight radio program “Innovators on the Move” will feature Air Aroma during November 2011. Airing worldwide on The Executive Report Channel on American Airlines the report gives an insight into the science of scent.

This unique radio program spotlights the leading companies and organizations from visionary upstarts to storied stalwarts that dazzle with new ideas and prove beyond a doubt how their companies and organizations are a force for change. 


Transcript: Business & Technology Report November 2011

Reporter: We go to great lengths to ensure that our surroundings are welcoming, making sure to fill them with pleasant sites and sounds, but frequently overlooked is the ability that our sense of smell has to enhance our moods. And our next guest is tapping into the science of scent to create aroma technology that enhances our experience in residential, automotive and commercial settings.

We are now joined by Michael Canale, Senior Vice President for North and South America at Air Aroma USA. Michael Welcome.

Michael: Well thank-you for having me.

Reporter: Well Michael our sense of smell has a lot of influence over us and we’re not even always conscious of the process behind it. What’s happening behind the scenes and where does scent marking and scent science come in?

Michael: Scent is so powerful and often we utilize visual as well as auditory marketing however scent is often overlooked. Scent is so powerful in fact that the nose is believed to effect 75% of our daily emotions. It is closely connected with the olfactory gland which registers smell and the limib system which is responsible for our emotion, our behavior as well as our long term memory. And that governs those emotions and memories and its often said to be responsible for the power behind the sense of smell.

Reporter: Now tell us about Air Aroma and how its products harness the power of scent. Are they safe for everyone and how do they work?

Michael: All of our diffusers use cold air technology. We use no heat to diffuse our scents. All of the scents or fragrances that we use are passed and certified by IFRA, which is the International Fragrance Regulation Association so they are safe for human consumption as well as long termed exposure.

Reporter: Michael, thank-you very much for joining us today.

Michael: Well thank-you very much for having me

Reporter: We’ve been speaking with Michael Canale, Senior Vice President for North and South America at Air Aroma and he joined us by phone. If you’d like to enhance you surroundings today visit them at