Virgin Atlantic’s New Scent Fragrance

Virgin Atlantic’s New Scent Fragrance

Virgin was in Sydney’s Martin Place today promoting a new leather-inspired perfume – ‘Le Cuir – The Essence of Premium Air Travel’.

Trying to drum up business for Virgin Atlantic’s new Premium Economy cabin (featuring – of course – leather seats) the amateur perfumers were giving Sydnesiders a chance to smell ‘the essence of luxury’.

Virgin says “the smoky leather aroma invigorates feelings of comfort and style and is the aromatic equivalent to the relaxed feeling of sinking into a posh leather seat.”

“We’ve taken the rich leather scent from our Premium Economy cabin and created an unparalleled luxury fragrance for an intense posh sensation that will evoke the blissful travel experience of Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy,” according to Virgin Atlantic spokesperson Nick Larkworthy.

We think it’s possible the gurus down at Richard Branson’s new enterprise may have been inhaling the new scent a little deeply.

You can get a piece of the madness at