Air Aroma updates Ecoscent

17 August, 2011

Air Aroma updates Ecoscent

At Air Aroma, we take much pride in our innovative designs, new technologies and new products. In addition to our commitment to new research and development we never forget to improve our existing product line.

Today Air Aroma introduces two new Ecoscent products. The new Ecoscent R4 and R6. Although the Ecoscent R6 already existed, we call it new as it has been completely rebuilt. The aesthetics remain the same however the technology has been improved and includes a more reliable timer. The R4 has also been added to our product range due to consumer demand for a product with this range functionality.

The Ecoscent R4 will be in high demand as it can scent spaces of 4000m2 with ease, using just four diffusers. The R6 will be able to scent spaces of 6000m2. These new Ecoscents are ideally suited to Hotel lobbies and large exhibition halls. The very successful Ecoscent range, which has been the leading HVAC scent machine in the world for over ten years, is now complete with R1, R2, R4 and R6.

Keep watching this space for new and unique Air Aroma products. Visit the Ecoscent product page for more information.