Air Aroma teams up with Unsound Festival New York

01 April, 2014

Air Aroma teams up with Unsound Festival New York

Now in it's fourth year, Unsound Festival New York, an annual music festival with focus on exploratory music, reached out to Air Aroma for help with their new exhibit concept, Ephemera.

This new installation will showcase three musicians, Ben Frost, Tim Hecker, and Steve Goodman (aka Kode9), and three fragrances that have been designed to complement their music. Using an Aroslim system, the fragrances will be diffused when their coordinating music is being played in the exhibit. The exhibit will also feature visuals by Manuel Sepulveda and Marcel Weber. Unsound’s Małgorzata Płysa, the co-curator of the project, said, "scent and sound are both the most ephemeral of senses - without having a visible physical form, an image attached to them, they have the power to trigger emotions, uncover memories and move other senses."

The fragrances, aptly named Noise, Drone, and Bass, will help to fully immerse visitors in the exhibit. With Unsound festivals taking place in Kraków, London, Adelaide, and Mink, music enthusiasts all over the world will be able to experience Ephemera.

Ephemera is open from 12pm - 6pm, April 1st - 6th at Audio Visual Arts, 34 E. 1st Street. Unsound Festival New York takes place throughout the city, see the full schedule of events here.