Air Aroma Features on MSN

Air Aroma Features on MSN

Air Aroma features on MSN to talk about Hotel Scenting with Air Aroma representative Alex Cosic. International hotel chains such as the Sheraton, Sofitel, Westin, InterContinental and Mandarin Oriental are all using carefully selected fragrance to create a luxury 5 start feel and perfect first impression with their guests. 

Hotel scenting originally started with the larger hotel chains, however with lower price points and advances in technology Air Aroma has made it affordable for the smaller Hotels and Boutique Hotels. Scent creates a point of difference for individual hotels and thus it has now become a must have for hotels at all price points.

Creation of a signature fragrance for hotels has become an essential to many high end and luxury hotels. These scents are specifically designed by skilled perfumers and tailored to the hotel’s brand and target audience while staying sensitive to the geographic location and cultural tastes. Specific regions of the world are inclined to be drawn to specific styles of fragrances. Asian hotels tend to be drawn to Tea based aromas, Australian hotels tend to opt for Fresh and fruity and American hotels will usually go for a floral or sweeter fragrance. 

Air Aroma has partnered with thousands of hotels all over the world creating exclusive signature fragrances including fragrances for W-Hotel, Holiday Inn, Sofitel, The Langham, Starwood, Waldorf and Sheraton

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