Sky Aquarium Tokyo Scented by Air Aroma

Sky Aquarium Tokyo Scented by Air Aroma

Air Aroma has partnered with Sky Aquarium 2011 to create a spectacular sensory experience.

Sky Aquarium 2011 is held at the 52nd floor of the iconic tower of Roppongi Hills in Tokyo, from July 15th to September 25th. It is an impressive art aquarium exhibition, which attracts over 250,000 visitors over 80 days every year and the theme this year is “cool entertainment”.

Sky Aquarium is not your ordinary aquarium exhibition, this exhibition has been carefully designed with lighting, colorful interiors and digital images combined with real fish. This year, the producer of Sky Aquarium, Hidetomo Kimura, has decided to incorporate scenting into the exhibition. 

Located in the Aquarium Theater are large rectangle tanks with goldfish, which are combined the digital images illustrating Japanese four seasons. This creates the unique space of unifying digital and real world with living fish swim across the beautiful digital images. In order to enhance the sensory experience of the seasonality of Japan, the Air Aroma fragrance Sencha was selected to scent this space. 

Oasis Blue Planet is another area within the exhibition, which is scented by Air Aroma Japan. Located in the centre of the room is a large earth shape fish tank that is surrounded with blue and pink LED lighting. The fragrance of Ocean Breeze was selected for this area, to create a cool atmosphere.

Scenting the Sky Aquarium 2011 has enhanced the already spectacular experience. Air Aroma’s fragrances are also available for purchase in the gift store. If you’re in Tokyo, you can visit the Sky Aquarium 2011 until the 25th of September.