Air Aroma Netherlands Website Launched

Air Aroma Netherlands Website Launched

Air Aroma is pleased to announce the launch our new website, Air Aroma Netherlands – The Dutch version of our newly designed website is the first Air Aroma website in a language other than English. 

Air Aroma is a global brand with its head office based in Melbourne Australia. Air Aroma has rapidly expanded since it started over 12 years ago and now has offices all over the world. The new Dutch website is just another way we are expanding and growing as a global company.

Expansion is very important to us, as our multinational customers require good support and service in all locations. Air Aroma has the largest network of distributors in the fragrance business, with five regional offices (Australia, Japan, The Netherlands, United States and Hong Kong) supported by dedicated local Air Aroma distributors covering over 80 countries.

In addition to our web and office expansions, Air Aroma R & D will soon be revealing several new products to the market.

John van Roemburg
CEO Air Aroma