Jeju Aquaplanet Scented by Air Aroma

Jeju Aquaplanet Scented by Air Aroma

The Jeju Aquaplanet, (part of Hwan-hwa Hotel & Resort, Korea) opened on July 14, 2012, after 5 years of preparation and is ranked the 10th aquarium in the world, for its scale and size. It is the largest aquarium in Asia, equipped with 450 different types of water tanks that hold 17,000 metric tons of sea water and containing 45,000 sea animals.

The main water tank, containing 5100 metric tons of sea water, can display more than 27,000 marine animals. This custom made tank was designed to emphasize a remarkable view from the front side of the tank, which is 23 meters wide by 8.5 meters high and has super-sized acrylic glass at a thickness of 60 centimeters.

Air Aroma was chosen to supply the Aquarium with an appropriate scent to complete the design process. The purpose of the scent was to complete the ‘under the sea’ feeling for visitors by using a scent reminiscent of the ocean. Air Aroma Korea worked closely with the aquarium management team to select the perfect fragrance, with Ocean Breeze ultimately being chosen. This scent is light and cool and often reminds people of their pleasant childhood memories of swimming at a beach.

One of the major problems faced by the aquarium with trying to create an ‘Under the Sea’ atmosphere, was unpleasant aromas wafting from various other spaces within the aquarium such as the food court, open water tank and bathroom facilities. In order to solve the problem, Jeju Aquaplanet installed an Aroscent Portable by Air Aroma in the lobby so when visitors entered the aquarium they smelt the fresh aroma of Ocean Breeze instead of the nasty food smells from the food court.

An Ecoscent scenting machine was also installed so as visitors leave the entrance and follow the circular path and water tank facilities they continue to smell the Ocean Breeze aroma throughout the aquarium. The result was a refreshing, clean and aquatic feel throughout the entire aquarium

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