Nissan and Air Aroma Partner for Auto Show Stands

Nissan and Air Aroma Partner for Auto Show Stands

Nissan Motors are known for being at the forefront of innovation and technology, and their latest innovations have just been revealed at the North American International Auto Show. Nissan are pushing the boundaries and differentiating from the competition, by becoming the first car manufacturing company to use a scent branding strategy consistently throughout an auto exhibit.

Their latest motor show design and offering titled “Innovation that excites” has just debuted in Detroit. The auto show stand is aimed at enticing all the senses from sight, sound, touch and very importantly, scent. Many big name brands, including luxury hotels and retailers, understand the importance of interacting with all senses as part of the customer experience and Nissan also recognizes the importance.

Nissan approached Air Aroma last year to assist them in finding a fragrance that best suited and matched their brand and market positioning. Nissan gave the Air Aroma perfumers a brief, explaining they wanted a fragrance that was modern, vibrant and exciting and that also hinted towards the company’s Japanese roots.

Air Aroma, now the official fragrance partner for Nissan, used this initial brief in conjunction with looking at Nissan’s target audience and brand identity to select the prefect fragrance. A fresh, luxurious and oriental fragrance with hints of green tea notes was eventually selected.

Linking a brand with scent is highly effective in environments where there are multiple sensory triggers, such as lighting, sound and luxurious surroundings. Nissan’s latest exhibit, showcases all of these features and in addition the use of scent, they will have background music that will subtly change the mood for morning, mid-day and evening.

Roel de Vries, Vice President of Global Marketing Strategy, Nissan Motor Co, Ltd, explains the importance of scent, the scent branding process for Nissan and discusses the future scenting opportunity for Nissan dealerships and car showrooms. Roel explains, “This is what other brands are doing. Like, some very famous clothing brands and hotel chains. When you walk into the reception, you immediately recognize the smell and it feels like coming home”

The latest stand design, showcasing the Nissan thé vert oriental scent, will be exhibiting around the world at 10 other global auto shows throughout 2013.

The Detroit exhibit will run 14th to the 27th of January this year at the Cobo Centre.

For more information on Nissan visit their website or view their press release here.

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