Zesty White Tea Room Spray

A live brass band’s tune still hanging in the air from a spontaneous stumbling upon the night before. Glimpses of jubilant musicians collaborating in time and the unmistakable liveliness carry through. The reflection of a colourful excursion and discovery of a commune of varied creativity. A renewed sense of hope and curiosity emerges for another day.

White Tea, Citrus, Perilla Leaf, Ginger, Crisp Woods, Musk

Spray two to three pumps throughout the immediate space and refresh as needed to easily add scent to your home, office or place of business.


  • Bright
  • Citrus
  • Herbal

Simple Goodness

  • Highest quality ingredients
  • IFRA certified aromatherapy fragrance
  • No Parabens & GMO Free
  • Vegan Friendly

If You Enjoyed

Used By

  • Fashion Retail
  • Hospitality