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Scent Marketing in Car Showrooms

Scenting your car dealership

The automotive industry is very competitive, most customers purchase a car very infrequently making first impressions and brand loyalty critical for car dealerships and manufacturers. Scent marketing has the power to build your brand effectively and strengthen the relationship with your clients.

Leather, rubber, wax and paint, car showrooms can have a lot of different smells. To ensure customers are given the right impression of your brand, Air Aroma works to capture your brand’s olfactive vision. Adding an ambient scent that is based on a brand’s identity deepens the relationship with your clients, forming a stronger, more memorable connection with each dealership visit. In scented surroundings, customers will linger longer, allowing them to feel comfortable and confident when selecting their new car.

The ultimate sales experience in the luxury-car market exhibits style and elegance and scenting offers a new standard of customer care. In addition, scenting aims to create an ambience in the showroom and strengthen feelings of quality, integrity and confidence – forging an emotional connection to your brand.

Fragrance Fact

The human sense of smell affects 75% of daily emotions and plays an important role in memory

Automotive scents that create memorable brand experiences.

Adding a unique fragrance to your showroom creates an unforgettable experience for guests. A pleasant scent diffused throughout the space can help car shoppers relax during what can often be a stressful experience. Air Aroma has worked with some of the world’s biggest car brands creating tailored solutions from auto-shows, in-car scents to scenting car showrooms. Our auto dealer partners Include Aston Martin, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Lincoln, Toyota and General Motors. Each scent uniquely represents the brand’s values, target audience, history, and future; communicating a unique message to their clients.

Brand recognition

As scent is linked to memory, scenting creates a unique and lasting impression with customers and adds long term value to your brand.

Prolong stay

A pleasant scent makes customers feel relaxed and comfortable, making them likely to browse longer. The results show consumers are more likely to purchase and willing to pay more in a scented environment.

Start scenting your car dealership

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