Apartments and Condos Scenting
Scenting in Apartments and Condos

Scenting for condominiums

Welcome your tenants home with a luxurious aroma throughout the lobby of luxury high-rises, and multi-family living communities. Create a powerful impression for prospective residents, through the use of scent in leasing offices and model apartments to enhance customer perceptions for increased occupancy and retention.

Positive first impressions are everything and scent can directly influence how a buyer or resident perceives your space. Air Aroma has created custom signature scents for ultra-luxury residential skyscrapers from New York to Dubai.

Above sight, sound, touch and taste, our sense of smell is the most influential sense in the formation of emotions and memories. Ensure a positive and memorable experience for residents, in apartment communities with a bespoke aroma that signifies “home”.

Scent diffusers for apartments & condos

Whether you’re managing, building or developing a condominium or apartment community, the use of scent can create extraordinary experiences and inspire enriching atmosphere for your residences. From adding an inviting scent to the lobby entrance to fresh fragrances in shared spaces such as fitness centres and club houses, Air Aroma’s scent machines ensure ultimate satisfaction.

With multiple methods of fragrance delivery, Air Aroma can implement scenting through your HVAC system for discrete and complete scenting or with portable devices for localised fragrance zones; we offer scent systems to suite all purposes.

Luxury Ambiance

Create an inviting ambiance that adds a sense of luxury to your residential building.

Sell apartments for more

Buyers are willing to pay more when the right scent is implemented.

Add scent to your apartment building

Contact an Air Aroma representative. We’ll get your building smelling great in no time.