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Melbourne Fashion Festival is an annual week-long event celebrating the business and creative elements of the fashion and beauty industries in Australia showcasing world-class runway shows featuring Australia’s established and emerging designers, state-of-the-art production, beauty workshops, industry seminars, forums, live entertainment and more.

Partnering with VAMFF and Romance Was Born, Air Aroma created the bespoke Melbourne Fashion Festival Runway Scent. For the ‘Bush Magic’ show & collection we imagined an authentically Australian fragrance with notes that echo the theme of the show Crisp Eucalyptus and fresh Lemon Myrtle blend with notes of Pine, Manuka and Red Thyme. The resulting scent is airy, crisp and unequivocally Australian.

This unique signature scent offered a fresh, fun, yet modern take on common Australian native bush elements that combined, like the collection itself, with beauty, style and grace. The fragrance helped the audience connect to the designer’s visions of ‘endless optimism of childhood dreams and the free spirit of the outback’.

The fragrance experience was curated to enhance the energy of the show for the audience, working perfectly with the playful elegance and flamboyancy of the garments, lighting, music, make-up and overall ambience of the set. Each element, including the fragrance, working in harmony. Success is measured by the brand in terms of the greatest theatrical impact which they say a positive follow-on effect in terms of online sales.


“You’re inspiring people to buy your collection but fashion is more than just clothes. It’s about telling stories and having people relate to our brand on a really emotional level.”

Designer – Anna Plunkett


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