Cathay Pacific Scent

Cathay Pacific understand the importance of providing a unique and comforting experience to travellers. To ensure their elite status as one of the best airlines in the world, this Hong Kong based brand worked closely with Air Aroma to translate their brand into a unique signature fragrance. The Cathay Pacific Scent is instantly recognisable and can be experienced in all Cathay Pacific airport lounges globally, evoking a sense of heartfelt warmth and familiarity for travellers.

Capturing the Cathay Pacific core values, the signature scent blends seamlessly with the luxurious design aesthetics of their airport lounges. The prestigious airport lounges exude sophistication and well-being with the use of materials like natural woods, onyx, limestone and bronze.

First-class lounge fragrance

Launched at the newly designed first-class lounge “The Pier”, the Cathay Pacific fragrance is a gentle blend of subtle woods, white florals, and fresh green tea notes. The luxurious and contemporary fragrance is instantly recognisable, evoking a sense of heartfelt warmth and familiarity for Cathay Pacific members.

Cathay Pacific Lounge Scent
Cathay Pacific Lounge Scent

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