The Return of the Apple MacBook Fragrance

The Return of the Apple MacBook Fragrance

Artists Gavin Bell, Jarrah de Kuiper, and Simon McGlinn (Greatest Hits) have returned to Melbourne. To showcase their work “Untitled” at Neon Parc, part of the Charm School exhibition. First debuting in Melbourne 2012, the work is a replicated scent of the brand-new MacBook Pro. Being unboxed for the first time and diffused through Air Aroma’s Aroslim diffuser.

After travelling Tokyo, Paris and New York, the work has gained significant global interest. Sparked by the public’s obsession with new technological advancements. Greatest Hits describes the work as “an attempt to encapsulate the idea of “newness” and archive the essence of that fleeting moment”. After 6 years and without much change to the design, as well as the form of function, Melburnians can re-live the MacBook fragrance in a moment of desire which is both nostalgic and static.

When developing the fragrance, a new Apple MacBook Pro was delivered to our perfumers in France. Opening it for the first time, experiencing all the unique aromas and textures. Unwrapping the slightly static cellophane reveals a sweet, crinkly, translucent plastic scent. A wave of dry, warm, papery aromas radiates from the painted cardboard and ink of the box. A bitter sweetness from glue adhesives and ambery undertones of rubber clash. Giving away to the cold and clean metallic scents of the aluminium MacBook itself.

To experience the scent for yourself, you can visit the exhibition from February 2nd – April 24th, 2018. Charm School Exhibition Neon Parc (Brunswick) 15 Tinning Street, Brunswick 3056 Melbourne, Victoria.

For details about the exhibition please visit the Neon Parc website. For more information on the artistic collaboration group, visit the Greatest Hits website. Find out how Air Aroma can create a custom signature fragrance for your brand, company, event or simply contact us if you have any questions.