Pan Pacific Hotel Group Partners with Air Aroma

Pan Pacific Hotel Group Partners with Air Aroma

The iconic Pan Pacific Hotel Group have partnered with Air Aroma to create the ultimate scent experience. For over 35 years, the 5 Star luxury hotel and resort group has enchanted guests with a unique sensory voyage, encompassing the best of the Pacific region.

Pan Pacific group is committed to providing a world class experience for its guests. From it’s people, hotels, relationships and culture, every element is meticulously brought together to reflect the group’s vision. It achieves this through its two acclaimed hospitality brands: Pan Pacific and Park Royal.

Given the people focused culture of the group, it was important to have a fragrance, which reflected the setting of comfort and luxury exuded by the hotels, which its guests have come to expect. Air Aroma perfumers worked carefully to craft the perfect fragrance to align with the brand and its values. A unique blend of citrus and subtle floral notes were used to create a refreshing and elegant scent, evoking a sense of serenity and relaxation.

The scent works to enhance the visual elements, including luxurious furnishings, rich textures as well as soothing background music, creating a lasting impression with guests.

To learn more about scenting for hotels visit the Air Aroma Hotel Industry scenting page here.