Our Sense of Smell – Practice Makes Perfect

Our Sense of Smell – Practice Makes Perfect

Become one with your nose and sharpen your sense of smell with only a few simple tips.

Begin by taking notice of the smells around you in everyday life. Breathe in your coffee or tea before first sip, observe the crisp mint scent of your toothpaste or the sweet citrus of your daily moisturiser, and notice the odours outside like fresh cut grass, or wet leaves. By bringing an active awareness to these seemingly common scents will increase your scent association and knowledge.

Engage your scent receptors by selecting a few scents that you enjoy, and take time by using your sense of smell to smell each one individually everyday. Use several shallow sniffs rather than one long deep inhalation and neutralize your palette by smelling the skin on your wrist or hand. Strengthen your scent memory by visualising these fragrances pre and post smell. Change scents periodically to expand your scent association and ability to identify scent characteristics and flavours in coffee, wine and perfume.

Studies suggest that our sense of smell is improved after exercise. Take advantage of peak smelling capacity after hitting the gym by sampling some perfumes. It is believed that at least one sweat inducing exercise session per week has been connected to the reduced risk of smell diminishing with age.

Because our sense of smell is directly related to our perception of taste, with improved smell, the flavours we taste are enhanced. With better smell, you will notice how scent and memories are deeply embedded, as with a one whiff you can be transported to a realm of nostalgia. Since scent can impact our emotions and affect our well being, you can instantly liven spirits or create a soothing ambiance with fragrance.