Delicious Fig Fragrance

Delicious Fig Fragrance

Within the wide collection of fragrance notes, there are few scents as luscious and captivating as fig. Often associated with the dreamy elegance of the Mediterranean, fig fragrance offers a transformative experience to a romantic sun-drenched enclave, or a warm and sensual feeling. Present in Air Aroma’s Fig Essence fragrance, the scent note has a layered and juicy quality that works well amongst other woody, floral, and fruit notes. Read below for more insight into fig’s history and origins, and why it continues to be a favorite in the world of fragrance.

The Fig Tree

Scientifically identified as Ficus Carica, the fig tree is native to the Mediterranean region and has been cultivated for thousands of years. Yielding hundreds to thousands of fruits in a single growing season, its fruits are a delicious culinary delight that bear a distinctive fragrance which varies throughout the tree’s life cycle. Fig fragrance captures the essence of the entire fig tree, from its fresh, hardy green leaves to the ripe, sweet violet fruit and even the earthy, woody notes of the tree’s bark.

Fig Tree Fruit Scent

Fig History

Fig trees could have been the first domesticated plant of the Neolithic Revolution, which dates to almost 12,000 years ago. This is a time period in which humans began cultivating plants, breeding animals for food, and forming permanent settlements, which was an incredibly important period of change. So it can be said that figs were among the first fruits to be cultivated by humans!

Fig fragrance’s rich history includes ancient Greeks and Romans, who revered the fig tree both for its fruit and aromatic leaves. They used fig leaves to create wreaths and garlands, infusing their festivities with a natural green scent.

Referenced in religious texts like the book of Genesis, the Ficus Carica trees provided the fig leaves worn by Adam and Eve after eating forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden.

What Does Fig Smell Like?

Fig fragrance is incredibly versatile, exuding fresh and green qualities and warm and woody notes simultaneously. On top of that, it has a fruity note that’s juicy sweet while remaining lush and sophisticated. Because of this, it’s an accessible fragrance tailored to different preferences, with a natural, inviting quality. The milky sweet or lactonic characteristic is reminiscent of coconut or milky butter. The emotional resonance of fig conjures warm, powerful connections of vivid images like biting into a fresh fig or meandering through Mediterranean hills.

Air Aroma Fig Essence Fragrance Oil

Air Aroma’s Fig Essence Fragrance

Fruity, Woody, Green

Fig Sap, Coriander, Fig, Violet, Peach, Cyclamen, Fig Wood, Cedar Wood, Sandalwood

A forbidden romance meandering over rocky hills of the sea. Bells ringing in the distance and a stone overlook perched above fig trees. The buzz of hummingbirds moving through gardens to arrive at a dropped piece of fig fruit, severed open and perfuming the sky. Sultry juiciness tempts for a bite from a quail or a lover’s lips. A dark sweetness.

Fig Fruit Scent

Fig Essence

Fig Essence is a luxurious aroma oil that elevates hotels, offices, homes, and retail spaces.

Fig fragrance is a timeless and enchanting choice for those who appreciate the natural beauty and complexity of the historic fruit. Explore the beauty of Fig in Air Aroma’s fig essence fragrance, or design a custom signature scent inspired by the many facets of Fig.