Love, Desire and Riches Exhibition Partners with Air Aroma

Love, Desire and Riches Exhibition Partners with Air Aroma

Enter the historic Rippon Lea House and become immersed in the world of Love, Desire and Riches. Be transfixed by the decor, the fashion and the extravagance of weddings throughout history.

With a collection of over 50 world famous gowns, the exhibition gives visitors a chance to view memorable gowns worn by the stars of yesteryear as well as modern celebrity brides, including Princess Marie Chantal of Greece and Jennifer Hawkins. World famous designers including, Valentino, Collette Dinnegan, Maticevski, Akira Isogawa, Mariana Hardwick and Alex Perry will be featured throughout the exhibition for guests to admire.

Step through the grand entrance of the Rippon Lea mansion to the sweet scent of Orange Blossom. The quintessentially bridal and floral fragrance, welcomes guests to the wedding celebrations awaiting within. The uplifting and dreamy blend of sweet orange and honey is reminiscent of the scent encountered while walking down the isle.

Follow the exhibition through the house to encounter the scenes of calamity in the dining room centred around Charles Dickens’ character Miss Havisham, the jilted bride. The space is featured as the wedding feast that never happened. Covered in dust and mould, the sweet fragrance of delicious treats combined with the bitter taste of decay.

Upstairs, the nervous groom is awaiting his future wife in the gentleman’s quarters. As he prepares himself, he jokes with his friends and adjusts his tie. They are drinking whiskey and smoking cigars; polishing their leather shoes and waxing their moustaches. The combination of leather and spice gently fills the room with masculine notes of anise, tarragon, clove, wood and patchouli.

Just across the hall, the anxious bride is preparing in the bathroom. Layers of delicate undergarments are laid out and with the help of her mother and bridesmaids the bride readies herself. The excitement is building and sweet notes of champagne, soap, hair pomade and perfume circles the room.

Close your eyes and step back in time with the complementary fragrances capturing each moment as it unfolds.

The Love, Desire and Riches exhibition runs from July 1- September 30 in Melbourne.

For more information and bookings visit the National Trust Website

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