Air Aroma Designs Swedish Inspired Scent for Volvo

Air Aroma Designs Swedish Inspired Scent for Volvo

The automotive industry is facing a time of unprecedented change. Brought on by the rise of ride-sharing services, innovative technological improvements, and an imminent shift towards driverless cars. These changes have transformed the century old industry into a fast-evolving and competitive environment. To combat these ever-present forces and strengthen customer relations, there has been a notable effort from car companies. To place significant care in creating a holistic and meaningful customer experience.

A recent collaboration with Air Aroma and Volvo Cars Australia sought to complete their multi-sensory dealership strategy. Allowing personal customer contact with a unique Swedish flair. With a new design concept heavily influenced by Scandinavian materials and décor, customers are welcomed to a warm space more representative of a modern Swedish home. Completed with a “Living Room” lounge area and a friendly invitation to indulge in traditional Swedish “fika”, consisting of coffee and cinnamon buns.

With a custom soundtrack evoking the sounds of the Swedish forest, the final and most powerful sense to be incorporated was smell. As sense of smell is directly linked with emotion and memory, a bespoke fragrance has the power to enhance the brand while connecting the other senses of sight, touch, taste, and sound. With the sense of smell strengthening the potential for customer loyalty whilst translating the brand essence into a scent identity.

The Scent

A signature scent designed exclusively for Volvo Car Australia draws on the brand’s heritage, taking inspiration from Scandinavian culture and picturesque Swedish landscapes. An invigorating woodsy-citrus fragrance that celebrates the great outdoors and invites adventure. Comforting coniferous scent characteristics transport visitors to the roads of Sweden, echoing the renowned safety and luxury associated with Volvo into a multi-sensory fragrance experience. Layers of evergreen foliage including Pine Needle and Fir Tree are enhanced with a burst of Orange. A cool breeze of Eucalyptus invigorates before unveiling herbaceous notes of Artemisia and the warmth of Musk.

To ensure brand cohesion and customer recognition, Volvo dealerships and Volvo special events throughout Australia incorporated the signature scent. Evoking a memorable and emotional connection to the brand throughout. A recent event series hosted at key cities throughout the nation allowed interested customers to experience the All-New XC60. The exclusive event tied in the Swedish heritage, providing an immersive and memorable experience. Comprising of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and above all, the vehicle itself. Underpinning the event was the subtle touch of the Volvo signature scent. It would ensure customers were transported to a truly multi-sensory and uniquely Volvo experience.