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Today Air Aroma is proud to release No Stress - Arobalance™. No Stress - Arobalance is a unique scientifically proven stress-relieving product. The Arobalance™ formula is the result of ten years of research undertaken by Australian biomedical scientists on how to reduce the adverse effects of chronic stress.

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I would like to recommend using the Air Aroma product 'Arobalance stress reducer' as a calming fragrant that assists in relaxing the mind, and therefore also the body.

Especially when sprayed in the bedroom and on the pillow before turning in, the effects are noticeable in easier falling asleep and a less restless night.

I have a mild form of sleep apnea, where the breathing becomes very shallow until the lack of oxygen forces a large air intake accompanied with a forceful and loud snore. After a while we noticed that the relaxing factor of Arobalance reduced the sleep apnea effects significantly and we both enjoyed a better and more peaceful night sleep.

After we stopped using Arobalance the more forceful snoring slowly returned.

So in addition to, or because of, Arobalance assisting in a more relaxed sleep, Arobalance has all the characteristics of a product that reduces snoring caused by a mild form of sleep apnea.

We would like to thank AirAroma for the availability of Arobalance and its beneficial side effects.


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