Air Aroma at Equipotel 2011 Brazil

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From 12th to the 15th September Equipotel 2011 was held in Brazil.  This exhibition is the biggest of its kind in Latin America focused on Hotels, Motels, Spas and Restaurants.

The event has been running for more than 50 years and is visited by 50,000 people from all over Brazil and neighboring countries, these visitors are looking to find the latest news and breakthroughs for the hospitality industry.

This year’s major news event at the exhibition was the launch of Air Aroma products by our Brazilian distributor Airsense. Airsense also showcased their scent marketing space designers, who create and develop specialized themes and fragrances according to the customer's business or specification.
The launch of Air Aroma products attracted so much public attention that of the 1,300 companies that were on display Airsense was selected as one of only three to be broadcast on television.
Congratulations to the team at Airsense.


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