HX: The Hotel Experience and Air Aroma

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HX: The Hotel Experience, produced by Hospitality Media Group, is slated to kick off this weekend in New York City at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. The highly anticipated event is the largest hospitality show in North America and will be held from November 8-10 2015, in a 100,000 sq. ft. exhibit space, converging over 500 bright minded exhibitors and over 15,000 attendees together to recharge and inspire the hospitality industry.

With show divisions in kitchen, rooms, guest, food+beverage, and tech, Air Aroma is a unique exhibitor at the event, providing the exciting feature of scent as an olfactive logo and introducing scent into hotel spaces to amplify ambiance and experience amongst hotel guests. We are delighted to be involved and eager to learn and connect with you!

Using our consummate experience as scent innovators, Air Aroma has translated the spirit of this event into a signature scent that boasts fresh notes of bergamot and mandarin with clean finishes of cotton flower and white tea. The scent will be diffused throughout various places on the show floor, allowing guests to experience the invigorating effects of scent diffusion.

Join us as we connect with industry innovators, decision makers and influencers in the hospitality industry at this year's HX: The Hotel Experience event. Ask us about our products, the experiences we create, and how we can create a special scent for you or your brand.

For more information on the event, please visit: http://www.thehotelexperience.us/page.cfm/link=1

"HX is a multimillion-dollar re-imagination of the ultimate in hospitality for hospitality."


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Hola Air Aroma Panama!

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Air Aroma is thrilled to announce the launch of Air Aroma Panama! The addition of Panama representation expands Air Aroma International's reach into a Central America. We are proud to develop this new partnership with this team in one of the major trade ports in the world!

Air Aroma Panama is now live. Please take a look at their website and check back regularly to see updates on the growing work in their community!

To discuss how Air Aroma Panama can assist you with your next scent project, please click here.

Air Aroma at International Luxury Hotel Association, Orlando, Florida.

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Air Aroma has been exclusively selected as the official scent partner for the International Luxury Hotel Association. ILHA is a non-profit professional association that fosters development of luxury hospitality worldwide. Its vision is to be the preeminent association promoting, advancing, and ultimately unifying the luxury hotel industry by means of research and insight.

The 2015 ILHA Luxury Hotel Conference was this past weekend in Orlando, Florida at the Orlando Convention Center. It was a huge success, bringing together professionals and leaders in luxury hospitality and wellness for keynotes, meetings, and networking events. Air Aroma had the chance to present our range of products and fragrance designs for thousands of industry colleagues and visitors. In addition, Carly Fowler, National Account Manager at Air Aroma USA, was selected as an industry speaker at this year's event. Carly presented insight into scent marketing and strategies for high-end properties, elaborating on Air Aroma's unique signature scent process for brands and the science of olfactive logos. Carly explained how a unique scent logo eternalizes the positive experience and memory of guests' stay at the hotel. This helps create deeper and more meaningful connections with hotel guests while also emphasizing brand recognition.

Thank you to ILHA for selecting Air Aroma as their exclusive scent partner! We look forward to the many possibilities ahead by contributing to exciting development within the luxury field.

To learn more about the ILHA Conference this past weekend, read here: http://www.luxuryhotelconference.com

To learn more about the ILHA, click here: http://www.luxuryhotelassociation.org

Thinking about designing a signature scent for your high end hotel or property? Contact us here to start scenting.

Air Aroma Scents Cosmoprof North America 2015

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For the 2015 Cosmoprof North America (CPNA) exhibition held this week at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Air Aroma has teamed up with CPNA to design an exclusive signature scent. This custom fragrance is being diffused throughout the Mandalay Bay convention center to celebrate the addition of the fragrance industry in this year's exhibition!

Instore retail scenting

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In the highly competitive retail industry, brands are finding it increasingly difficult to distinguish themselves from competition. For years retail brands have been creating store experiences that take into account the visual décor, employee dress codes, and the right ambient music. This month, InstoreMag features Air Aroma and looks at our innovative approach to scenting retail store environments.

Our sense of smell is unique in the way we associate scents with memories and experiences. Initially when shoppers first experience a signature scent they are often unaware that they are experiencing a scented environment, however after only spending a short time in a scented store, shoppers quickly start to connect with the brand in a more emotional and memorable way. This is the power of scent and why retail brands in fashion, jewelry, automotive and more are integrating uniquely crafted store scents as part of their overall brand experience.

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Sensory Design

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We are all aware that we have five senses; sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. What people often don’t realize is how each sense can affect your day to day life, and how much it could improve your overall happiness by increasing the exposure to multiple senses at once.

Jinsop Lee, a passionate industrial designer, talks about the importance of incorporating all your senses and how it affects your experiences. He uses an example from his time in University when he was set to create a solar powered clock. He describes his clock being similar to how sunflowers work; they track the sun throughout the course of the day. Whilst his clock was visually impressive, it greatly lacked the other senses.

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Seeking Air Aroma Distributors

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Looking to become an official Air Aroma distributor in the Americas? Now is your opportunity!

Air Aroma is interested in partnering with new companies to grow even further by expanding our global reach. Air Aroma is an international leader in scent marketing, with one of the largest distribution networks in the world. Our five regional offices are supported by over 80 local distributors in varying countries.

We are continuing to rapidly grow in our existing markets, so we are looking for support in new Latin and South American countries. Air Aroma is seeking partnerships with motivated companies & individuals that share an interest in the scent industry. We pride ourselves on our high quality product & brand design as well as unparalleled customer service. New distributors must share these same values, however, a range of diverse backgrounds and industries are always welcome.

We are interested in forming lasting relationships with distributors in the following countries:
-Costa Rica
-And many more...!

If you are interested in joining the Air Aroma team, we would love to hear from you! Please get in touch with us by filling out our contact form.