Announcing Aropromo!

21 June, 2013

Announcing Aropromo!

Air Aroma is excited to announce our newest product, Aropromo! The point-of-sale scent device is the newest way Air Aroma is helping your company to draw in business and set yourself apart from the competition. Point-of-sale scenting allows you to enthral and entice customers with a multi-sensory campaign.

The compact scent delivery system is designed to fit into your point of purchase display. We offer a variety of sizes to be able to scent anything from a store shelf promotion to large banners and billboards! By integrating your fragrance and visuals into the design of the product, Aropromo connects the consumer directly to your product and brand, enabling them to truly experience it in a unique and unforgettable way.

In a market that is consistently competitive and constantly evolving, we at Air Aroma were thrilled to have received the POPAI Technology & Innovation Award for 2013 for this product. Aropromo is seen as a pioneering, clever, impactful, and bold point-of-purchase solution for the retail marketplace.

Major brands are now using Aropromo to promote their products. Massive companies like Colgate-Palmolive and Unilever have taken advantage of this innovative product to give their customers a complete experience and the ability to sample products such as perfumes, food, deodorant, shampoos, and more.

The best and perhaps most exciting part about Aropromo is that it’s all about you. It uses your fragrance. It’s covered in your artwork. It has your logo.

Aropromo is you

For additional information about Aropromo, please refer to our Aropromo website, or contact your local distributor.