Using scent at trade shows to attract customers

11 November, 2014

Using scent at trade shows to attract customers

A lot of time is spent designing displays and signage at trade show stands to make brands stand out from the crowd. Trade shows are filled with brands similar to your own, so what can you do to separate yourself from competitors? How can you influence a potential customer stop by your booth instead of another company’s?

Incorporating a scent to your space can draw prospective customers towards your products. A customer should find your company within a crowded, competitive space, and be attracted to your display.

Once a potential customer is in your space, they should be given a positive and exciting experience that entices all senses. The use of a subtle and distinctive fragrance in your booth leads to customers feeling relaxed and comfortable, resulting in more time spent browsing your products, and thereby increasing the chances of sales.

With over 16 years of experience, Air Aroma has scented everything from small trade shows to large scale exhibitions, creating unique olfactive logos for brands such as Nissan and Carnival Cruises. We know how to design fragrances that will communicate your brands message to your customers, to learn more before your next trade show contact us today.